Dreamteam Brew is the brewing project of Alexey Burov and Pavel Kokkov. An ambitious newcomer to the market, Dreamteam Brew produces beers primarily for bars and restaurants. The portfolio includes classic gastronomic styles that pair well with food and are firmly anchored in bar menus.

Our brand identity is as sharp and clean as the beer itself. In 2019 we literally designed the first label ourselves. Over these couple of years, we've put together a permanent lineup, our own clean production facility in Moscow and three hundred partners in the capitals and across Russia.

Now it's time to wrap all the things by one professional hand, and for this job we collaborated with the Spanish agency Hey Studio. They helped us to get the impartial look at the product with no relation to the Russian market. Just the taste and our philosophy are the only things that matter.

Our philosophy is to brew the best Russian beer with no compromises. Every day to create a product, which everyone who works with it in production or then in service in restaurants is proud of. Because we brew what we love ourselves. Nautical aesthetics in the chevron, St. Petersburg iconic landmarks and luscious colours - that's it for the signature style.

30 persons work at Dreamteam Brew
6 styles in our regular range
50 days we condition Port Pilsner
60,000 litres of beer we brew every month

Today, the beer by Dreamteam Brew is available in some of Russia's best establishments. This list includes conceptual restaurants, classic bars and perky experimentalists. We are all united by our respect for beer as a precious drink, behind which there is always a person, and not a place nor a water.

Thank you for being with us!